Tuesday 25 February 2014


Young mothers and youth empowerment
Empowerment of women and youth is an important component in community development. In our rural sub counties, there are many women we got married at early ages of bellow 18 who we refer to as “young mothers”. After joining family life, they experience so many challenges such as over dependance, domestic violence, poor feeding, illnesses, poor hygiene, among others that all result from poverty. Most youth are school dropouts who remain in their villages involving themselves in drug abuse, sexual abuse, and playing cards among others that expose their lives to danger of death. We believe that empowering these groups of people with skills to help them fight poverty is more beneficial and these benefits does not end with them but also benefits the whole community in which they live. We provide carrion bags making and basketry skills, hair dressing, computer, carpentry, group formation and management trainings to these young mothers and the  youth.
Community Hope Development foundation is committed to create positive and sustainable change within the rural community through working with the beneficiaries to identify their challanges, posible solutions and becomes part of implimenting the proposed solution.
We believe that providing a skill to a beneficiary is more important than giving money that is consumed with no lasting results.
CHDF considers empowerment of farmers as an important aspect through which poverty within their households that has parsisted for so long can be prevented. Farmers have been provided with trainings on how to improve farming methods, how to fight coffee pests and diseases, maintaining quality among others but are still being cheeted by middle men who buy their coffee utilising their illiteracy that fails them to interpreat weighing scales, calculators, price notice materials, among others. 
Currently CHDF with support from Feed The Minds is focussing on improving literacy and numiracy levels of rural coffee farmers so that they are able to apply the knowledge they will acquire in their coffee farming and business.
We feel that by the end of this project, over 420 farmers grouped in 12 classes of 35 each will have improved literacy and numiracy skills.

Early child education according to Community Hope Development Foundation is the type of teaching provided to children of 2-6 years of age with a particular focus on education in the period before the start of the compulsory primary education provided by the Government of Uganda under the Universal primary Education (UPE) Program. The focus to the age of 2-6 as our first priority does not limit us to serve the other group of above 6 years of age considering important circumstances such as the distance moved by children to primary schools, weather changes among others.

Under this Program we established Moon Light Nursery school project in Bulembia division through which we provide early child education and holiday’s Currier guidance services
We hope that children, who benefit from early child care and education services, are more likely to be healthy, have the capacity to continue with education, stay longer and perform better in their future self and community developments.

Health and sanitation

 During the past decade, health has achieved unprecedented prominence as a key driver of socioeconomic progress, and more resources than ever are being invested in health. Yet poverty continues to contribute to poor health, and poor health anchors large populations in poverty. Health development is directed by the ethical principle of equity: Access to life-saving or health-promoting interventions should not be denied for unfair reasons, including those with economic or social roots. Globally, it is estimated that 4000 children die every day due to lack of access to hygienic sanitation and clean water (WHO 2010).

CHDF is concerned in promoting and improving community health and sanitation in our rural areas of operation. Our efforts are focused on improving access to clean water, Water tanks construction, improved toilets and proper use, proper hygienic behaviors such as hand washing with water and soap after using toilets among others.

 These are the areas that community hope focuses on in its areas of operation. We pray that you who is reading can stand in whatever way, join us to better serve our communities.

Environmental conservation/ Climate adaptation for farmers
A protected environment is vital for community development and for a better living of all living organisms including human beings. Communities which are environmentally degraded effects community developments through floods, landslides, heavy sunshine, heavy winds among others which lead to crop and property destruction, increases spread of diseases, displacement of families among others. The fact that the first measure to think about is tree planting and that most people in our areas of operation own and stay on small pieces of land, CHDF considers involving famers to adopt climate change practices as important. They integrate climate and environmental conservation measures in their daily farming practices. CHDF provides tree seedlings especially fruit trees, trains on environmentally friendly methods of farming, curry out community environmental sensitizations among others.

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