Thursday 20 February 2014


Under Health and sanitation, CHDF completed   the construction of three reservoir and Break pressure Tanks (BPT) on their Min gravity water flow project in Nyakabingo parish. These water tanks are constructed on the three water lines of Nyakasojo lower, Kibenge and Sayuni Golf Villages in Nyakabingo lll word, Bulembia Division. The tanks where constructed for two major objectives
·          To increase the storage, flow and availability of clean water supply to the rural community.
  • To prevent the spread of water related diseases to the rural community which is coursed by the insufficiency of clean water.


CHDF in its early child education program established Moon Light Nursery school in Nyakasojo lower village Nyakabingo lll word in Bulembia Division. This project is strategically located to serve children from all the two sub counties of its operation, Rukoki and Bulembia. Despite of its location being in Bulembia Division, Children from Nyakabingo l in Rukoki Sub County easily move by foot to the Nursery school.
Through this project, community Hope targets to empower children in areas of;
  • Physical development: This involves how well a child develops physically, including eyesight and motor skills.
  • Social development: This involves bringing up a child with good interacting characters and understanding their responsibilities and rights as important members of their families and communities both locally, nationally and globally and with the ability to relate and work with others.
  • Emotional: This involves emotional connections and helping children to develop self-confidence, feelings, behaviors that direct their thinking and subsequent actions in response to events.
  • Language: This involves bringing up children with good attitudes of how well they can communicate to others and also presenting their feelings and emotions.
  • Cognitive skills: This involves bringing up children with skills of how they can organize information; attain skills of problem solving, creativity, imagination and memory development.
This project has passed through many stages as you can see in the photos bellow
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